Alaska Wilderness Skills

Family, Youth, and Teen Wilderness Experience June 3erd -9th 2018 . Wolf Walkers at Fish Camp (Mil 3.4 Tok Cutoff Road)

Offered for - Families with children ages 4-17. Youth 12+ years old may attend without a parent. No previous experience required.


An  immersion experience for families to learn wilderness Earth skills. Students will learn the 4 elements of survival, tracking, and nature observation skills. The program will highlight the importance of living in harmony with the Earth as caretakers. Participants will be divided up into learning groups based on age and experience level. Parents will have skills workshops and discussions on integrating the teachings of the "wilderness mind" into their everyday lives. Meals are all together. Plus, there will be time for wondering (wandering) after lunch, many fun evening games, and campfire stories.

Skills include:

  • Debris hut shelter
  • Bow-drill fire making
  • Cordage making
  • Throwing stick
  • Cutting edge stone tool
  • Rock boiling
  • Fox walking, wide angle vision
  • Awareness games and activities
  • Tracking basics and concentric ring studies.
  • Lost proofing basics
  • Camp fire stories and night games
  • Attitude and philosophy of a Child of the Earth

June 3erd - 9th 2018
Tuition: $750 first person, $600 each additional person (include 3 mostly organic meals a day and camping)
Deposit: $200 per household due upon registration.