Alaska Wilderness Skills

Custom Programs

Custom Programs are available upon request by selecting elements from the core curriculum, and they can be delivered using the following models:

  •  Fireside Gathering
  • Day Programs 6-7hr
  • Work Shop/ Intro Skills/basic 1.5-2 hr
  • Family, Youth, and Teen Wilderness Experience 3-6 days

Models are a general guidelines, and they can be adapted or modified to meet the needs of each participant.

Below is the list of variables to be addressed when developing a custom program. 

  1. Location, date, and times
  2. Number of students attending
  3. Parent volunteer sign up
  4. Skills/learning outcomes and curriculum alignment. These will come from the Programs Core.
  5. Work through concerns of parents/guardians
  6. Identify guest instructors 
  7. Coordination is needed to make programs run smoothly and make sure learning outcomes are met. Pre-event planning meetings are scheduled prior to program delivery. These meetings discuss logistical needs of the program.
  8. Parent/teacher volunteers are identified for the program. Volunteers are encouraged.
  9. Lunch is not included in day programs.   
  10. Elder speakers identified. Programs are enhanced when Elders are present. Elders are the keepers of knowledge and are encouraged to be invited to participate in the programs and asked to share traditional skills, stories, songs, prayers, and knowledge with the students. They are the ambassador of the program. Their presence is not required all day. Additional compensation may be requested for the Elder's time.
  11. Payments are made to Alaska Wilderness Skills. 

Fireside / Gathering: Firesides are offered to bring unity and purpose to the community supporting Alaska Wilderness Skills

  • Price is determined by the needs of the fireside/ gathering. 

Workshop/Intro Skills/Basic 1.5-2 hrs: Goal of workshop is to provide a safe space to introduce, expand understanding of skills and connect with nature through fire making, shelter building, food, water, and breath. There is a set of basic/skill mastery that one needs to achieve before advancing to the next level of classes. The pace that one moves through the basics are up to the student’s ability to put in the “dirt time” needed to perform a skill. 

  • Single student  - Rate $20

Day Program 6-7 hrs 

Day program are offered onsite. Onsite refers to Alaska Wilderness Skills bringing the program to a school or designated meeting place. 

  • Single student rate $55.  Students or parents of students pay individually.  Group rates are available.
  • Family rate $55 first student $40 per additional student. Families with more than one family member attending a day program will be charged a reduced rate of $40 for each additional family members attending.   
  • Fees including 1-hour setup/site prep. The setup time is part of the 6-7 hours and administration fees. 

Family, Youth, and Teen Wilderness Experience 3-6 days

Offered for - Families with children ages 4-17. Youth 12+ years old may attend without a parent. No previous experience required.

  • Prices are to be determined by the length of the program. General per day/per person rate $95.

An  immersion experience for families to learn wilderness Earth skills. Students will learn the 4 elements of survival, tracking, and nature observation skills. The program will highlight the importance of living in harmony with the Earth as caretakers. Participants will be divided up into learning groups based on age and experience level. Parents will have skills workshops and discussions on integrating the teachings of the "wilderness mind" into their everyday lives. Meals are all together. Plus, there will be time for wondering after lunch, many fun evening games, and campfire stories.

Skills include:

  • Debris hut shelter
  • Bow-drill fire making
  • Cordage making
  • Throwing stick
  • Cutting edge stone tool
  • Rock boiling
  •  Fox walking, wide angle vision
  • Awareness games and activities
  • Tracking basics and concentric ring studies.
  • Lost proofing basics
  • Campfire stories and evening games
  • Attitude and philosophy of a Child of the Earth